The Review of Income and Wealth

Journal of the International Association
for Research in Income and Wealth
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Table of Contents - 1987, Series 33
March 1987, Number 1
Youri Ivanov
Possibilities and Problems of Reconciliation of the SNA and MPS  (286Kb)
Tony Rushbrook and Jack Wells
National and Sector Balance Sheets in Concept and in Practice  (291Kb)
Nancy D. Ruggles
Financial Accounts and Balance Sheets: Issues for the Revision of SNA  (388Kb)
Joseph F. Quinn
The Economic Status of the Elderly: Beware of the Mean  (345Kb)
S. Sunga
Adjusting Net Worth for Price Changes with Reference to the Canadian System of National Accounts  (344Kb)
Machiel A. Jansen
In Memoriam  (21Kb)
June 1987, Number 2
Oscar Altimir
Income Distribution Statistics in Latin America and Their Reliability  (587Kb)
Utz-Peter Reich
Does Consumption Entail Income? Implications for the Dual Classification of Consumption Expenditure for the Income Side of the Household Sector in the National Accounts  (190Kb)
Markos J. Mamalakis
The Treatment of Interest and Financial Intermediaries in the National Accounts: The Old "Bundle" Versus the New "Unbundle" Approach  (423Kb)
Brian Nolan
Cyclical Fluctuations in Factor Shares and the Size Distribution of Income  (282Kb)
Frank M. Gollop
Modeling Aggregate Productivity Growth: The Importance of Intersectoral Transfer Prices and International Trade  (291Kb)
Harry Schimmier
On Rents and Interest  (29Kb)
September 1987, Number 3
Edward N. Wolff
Estimate of Household Wealth Inequality in the U.S., 1962-1983  (421Kb)
Wouter J. Keller, Arie ten Cate, Anco J. Hundepool and Huib van de Stadt
Real Income Changes of Households in the Netherlands. 1977-1983  (236Kb)
R. Gaiecki and S. Kasiewicz
Provision of Services in Poland: A Theoretical and Statistical Study  (528Kb)
Maryvonne Lemaire
Satellite Accounts: A Relevant Framework for Analysis in Social Fields  (297Kb)
France St-Hilaire and John Whalley
A Microconsistent Data Set for Canada for Use in Regional General Equilibrium Policy Analysis  (223Kb)
Announcements  (36Kb)346
December 1987, Number 4
Peter Bartelmus
Beyond GDP—New Approaches to Applied Statistics  (203Kb)
Zoltan Kenessey
The Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary Sectors of the Economy  (458Kb)
Remo T. Hjerpe, Olavi E. Niitamo, and Markku Suur-KuJala
Regional Policy-Making and Regional Data Bases in Finland: National Experience  (199Kb)
Robert J. Walters
A Framework for Regional Accounts: An Australian Perspective  (206Kb)
Albert Berry
Evidence on Relationships Among Alternative Measures of Concentration: A Tool for the Analysis of LDC Inequality  (224Kb)
M. T. Schiltz
A New Method of Assessment of Insurance Service Production  (95Kb)
David L. Hammes and Douglas T. Wills
Public Debt, Interest and Fiscal Incidence  (65Kb)

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